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Slides from my 2019 ColdFusion Summit Las Vegas Talk

Updated on May 27, 2020
By Pete Freitag

Update: For my latest ColdFusion security info, watch my ColdFusion security training course.

The slides for my talk Approaches to secure CFML code can be found here. The source code for the Bank of Insecurity application (which is full of security holes) can be found: here.

Overall I thought the CFSummit event was a great success. It was also cool to see that nearly half of the 500 attendees were attending their first CFSummit.

I also really like how Adobe is focusing its attention for ColdFusion 2020. The module aware installer will hopefully help reduce the attack surface of our deployments by only installing the stuff you actually need/use.

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Slides from my 2019 ColdFusion Summit Las Vegas Talk was first published on October 07, 2019.

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