February 13, 2006

firefox Firefox has been trying to get me to update to version, for a while now so I finally did today. The new version has creashed 3 times already today.

Is it just me or did 1.0.x seam to be a lot more stable than 1.5?

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I have to agree with Wiliiam, above. FF1.5.0.1 has been exceptionally stable for me, even while mixing the ever-horrible combination of Quicktime and Flash. But yeah, you definitely need to make sure your extensions are up to date. Adblock, especially, gave me a bit of flak until I updated it.
I agree; Firefox 1.5 has caused me more headaches than 1.0.x ever did. Crashes, missing scrollbars, and after updating GreaseMonkey to make it work in FF1.5, FF1.0.7 crashed on startup. I've since decided to use 1.0.7 for when I need Gecko. I'm on a mac though, so I don't know if the windows version is as problematic or not. (btw you have an extra "e" in the word "crashed")
Try uninstalling some extensions you don't use often. Firefox would crash like crazy on me, then I removed all my extensions (except for Chatzilla), and it's fairly stable now.
Yes, I noticed this the same day I installed it. It seems very unstable compared to previous versions. As well as the lack of updates to alot of popular extensions I have installed.
I couldn't agree more, I only use it at home because I couldn't be bothered to reinstall the old version.
Hi, It crashes for me too... It may be depends on the OS you use it !! Is anyone having problem on LINUX ? OS X ? XP ? 2003 ? Vista ? :) jgw
Same here, after upgrading from Firefox 1.0 to 1.5, firefox has been crashing consistently.
I've had problems myself, but nothing really terrible, as I've isolated it to the javascript open_window command. After a link is clicked that causes a new window to open, rather than a new tab, it seems to cause a major instability with FF. Basically, if I have to use a javascript button, I will shut down FF afterwards, then restart it. No problems.
mine is crashing as well, for no good reason...argh! does anyone know a way to get rid of this crashing pb (don't tell me anything about extensions or uninstalling please)
window sp 2 installed dom inspector inspects dom of html,xulmand xml oncluding browser chrome tabrowser preference enhances control over some aspects of tabbed browsing adblock v.5 night 42 filters ads from web-pages downthemall mass download for firefox pdf download allows you choose what you want to do with pdf file,dl it view with external view or as html seems to crash alot when i go on to ppl myspace that has music
I haven't had any problems with but I only have FoXpose 0.3 and DOM Inspector installed.
Tell you what, right now I'm still using 1.0.7 because it kinda pisses me off that whenever I upgrade, (at least some of) my extensions render incompatible. Though, I have on another PC and indeed, it crashed a couple of times. Should I look forward to IE7? Errm, no. ;)
Crashes all the time for me. I'm running lots of extensions, but they're all up to date and none register as incompatible with The advice saying to disable all of my extensions kind of eliminates the usefulness of FF in the first place, doesn't it? I'd rather use AvantBrowser than FF with no extensions. I did try to disable them all and re-enable them one by one, but it seems to be browsing, tabs, and time rather than extension behavior that freezes me up. The more tabs I have open, and the longer FF has been running, the more likely it is to freeze up and crash.
Firefox crashes and freezes all the time with no warning. It shuts down and makes you loose all the pages you had open. Even Opera browser is more stable than Firefox. It has never crashed on my computer.
tell me about it!!! as a new firefox user it isn't giving me alot of confidence. For some reason exactly the same version is installed on several computers at work and some work fine and others don't!
Reformatted my harddrive and installed Mozilla Firefox version browser. My Operating System is Windows XP (Home), for some reason this new Firefox version will NOT accept my preferences. Each time I load the browser, it's back to what came with it when downloaded. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get version, to accept (and keep) my preferences?
Hrm i have a desktop and laptop and the odd thing is it freezes ONLY on my laptop, not sure if its cause i got xp home on there compared to pro on desktop or what? tried re-installing firefox multiple times now with no extensions :(
Those of you having issues might want to try this tip:
Firefox causing me problems now. ( crashed sometimes), but this new one just freezes while downloading, and wouldn't load up again until I restarted Windows - Three times! I used to use Opera and I'm just about ready to go back to it. I value the NoScript extension to Firefox, but I can't stand an unstable browser. Why should it be a choice of stability or security? Can't someone get it right please?
Yes, I crash frequently on Yahoo Mail on I had another machine with 1.0, no crashes. Upgraded to and Yahoo Mail crashes it about every 5th or 6th email I click on.
From where should I download talkback. The html and jdp tages which are looking perfectly fine in Internet Explorer, in the firefox all the setting has been changed.
From where should I download talkback. The html and jsp pages which are looking perfectly fine in Internet Explorer, in the firefox all the setting has been changed.
Yeah, it crashes on me all the time now.
I have version and it too crashes while browsing. Then it recovers the session and a lot of the time it keeps crashing and then pops up your session keeps cvrashing at startup. Continue or Abort? This is so annoying and I wish there was a fix for this.
PC / Win 2k Server / v1.5.0.6 sucks. Hating life that I have to use myspace at all, but its not horrible w/ 20+ crashes a day. Shortly after upgrading FF to this version is when myspace started using Flash9 for 'security' reasons. It is also around the same time that it started crashing like mad. I cant believe there aren't more people making a stink about this to both myspace and FF.
I am a tester and I need to be able to test the older version of firefox, where can I obtain version 1.0.7
my new firefox will not let me access yahoo e-mail. help....
Yep, its turned into a crash puppy for me as well.
Is it possible to go from the latest version of firefox back to Firefox If so how?

Why do I want to go back? I'm starting an online course and its telling me that I need the old version to communicate with any one at the school.

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