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November 15, 2005

I just threw in support for Gravatar in my blog comments. If you go and sign up for a gravatar account, you can assign a picture to your email address, then when you post a comment on my blog or other blogs that support gravatar, your picture will show up next to it.

It's pretty easy to implement gravatar on your blog, you just use an img tag that points to with an MD5 hash of the commentors email address in the query string.

So go and create an account, and you can test in my comments here if you want (I am only showing PG, and G rated pictures).

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This is what it looks like!
That's an interesting idea. I just signed up.
Since Pete didn't mention this, you should be able to use the built-in CF function hash() to generate an MD5 string of a user's e-mail.
Nice, and it would also be nice if one could submit his/her URL in the comments.
Reguarding URL's in the comments - The reason they were never there is that I was afraid I'd get hit with comment spam too hard. Now there is rel="nofollow" but that doesn't really stop them from trying, which is the truly annoying part.
... and as a side note, you might want to do a service and cache the images for a day or so on your server.
(and as a another sidenote, the ordering of your comments is off)
just wanted to see if it really works... does-yea! Thank you!
If someone enters the email address of another person, will that gravatar appear? I mean, is there any authentication of the sender?

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