Oracle's Free Database Server

October 31, 2005

I just noticed today that Oracle has released a beta edition of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. Oracle must be feeling the pressure from open source databases such as MySQL, and PostgreSQL, just like Microsoft has. Oracle Express is pretty similar to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express:

  • Free To Deploy
  • Supports up to 4GB of data
  • Supports only one CPU
  • Supports up to 1GB of RAM
  • One instance per server
  • Downloads For Windows or Linux - no mac :(
  • And is free to distribute with your applications

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Can Oracle XE be used as a server?
yes at some extend u can use XE as a server. We used oracle XE as a server for cognos 8.3. if we talk abt the limitation, then yes there are limitations such as the size of the database, and advance server level functionality. i hope this will help u in ur task. Cheers!! c1ph3r
i have a one question .

How to exchanging postgresql to Oracle
SELECT column FROM table

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