CSS Techniques Roundup - 20 CSS Tips and Tricks

September 22, 2005

I never cease to be amazed at what problems can be solved with pure CSS. Here are 20 CSS techniques, tips and tricks that you may find handy:

css tips
  1. Rounded Corners
  2. Rounded Corners without images
  3. Creating a Netflix style star ratings
  4. Tableless forms
  5. Styling Lists with CSS
  6. 2 Column Layout Technique
  7. 3 Column Layout with CSS
  8. 3 Column Fixed width centered layout
  9. Printing with CSS
  10. Adding a CSS stylesheet to an RSS feed
  11. Footer Stick
  12. CSS Element Hover Effect
  13. Styling Horizontal Rules
  14. Clearing Floats
  15. CSS Popups
  16. Box Punch
  17. CSS Badge
  18. Orange RSS Buttons with pure CSS
  19. 10 CSS Tricks you may not know
  20. 10 More CSS Tricks you may not know

Do you have other good tips tricks and techniques? Please post them in the comments.

Update: I have started working on a CSS Cheat Sheet that you may find handy.

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Pete, Well done! Very useful stuff! Sami
Pete, Great collection of useful references. Your blog continues to be the 'best in class' with regards to web development and ColdFusion as far as I'm concerned. Many thanks.
Thanks Mark and Sami! Your feedback drives me to keep on working at it!
Thanks Kev, glad to help out. Yeah I saw the update, much easier to read.
Hey, there's some AWESOME stuff in here...
Here's a nice little top 10 from Evolt (now that they've got their site back up.....http://evolt.org/node/60369
Hi Chris, Many of the links I posted here are listed in the link you posted, but not ALL of them. Additionally I am posting different variations on some of the techniques of which I found to be better solutions.
Excellent job rounding this all up, these really are very useful. You wouldn't believe the amount of time I waste googling all these little hacks and tricks to design a tiny portion of a web site or blog. Keep up the good work Pete!

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