Google Sitemaps Accepts RSS and Atom Feeds

September 12, 2005

In addition to Google Site verification I also noticed today that Google sitemaps is now accepting formats other than their sitemaps protocol schmea.

Google sitemaps now accepts RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feeds. They do recommend that you configure your feed to show all articles, not just the most recent ones.

They also accept a text file with one url per line. This is the same format that Yahoo is using for their new sitemaps feature.

And finally they also accept sitemaps in the OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) format. I'm not too familiar with this format yet.

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Pete: Thanks for mentioning that. I haven't bothered implementing sitemap support up to now, but this got me into gear.
Glad to be of help for you Roger.
"Google sitemaps now accepts RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feeds" I'm not too familiar with this rss 2.0. Rss 0.92 accept sitemaps ? 0.92 ok :)
Hello: I am not happy. Using the is becoming a pain. Posting a blog at has become such a drag and difficult it may not be worth doing anymore. And as if that is not enough they have introduced word verification to it. To create an account, you must pass through word verification. YTo post a blog, again word verification. Too much hassles! Why do big companies keep complicating their services instead of simplifying them? What kind of lunacy do their software engineers suffer from? On one hand they advertise and promote these services. And when many people notice, respond and begin to sign up, they begin to complicate the services. This is insulting to the customers besides being annoying. And I am not trying to pick on Google. There are other companies playing the same complication game. Yahoo is doing the same. To send an e-mail through your yahoo account, you must pass through word verification. They claim this is a way to fight spam. But despite this inconvenience and using filter, your account is flooded with spam anyway on a daily basis! Msn is doing the same. To submit your website through their submission page you must do the word verification. I guess all these big companies believe their millions of customers are sheep or cattle who deserve to go through a grueling experience just to use their services. All of them use softwares to automate all they do. But they frown upon their customers using the same automation. This is unfair. Perhaps they feel customers have nothing better to do, and their time is worth nothing so it is okay to put them through this complication nightmares. I dislike it, and I am sure I am not alone. I call all these big companies to end this practice otherwise I will urge millions of their customers to revolt, cancel their services and go elsewhere, where they will get respect and be treated like human beings not cattles. The Buddy
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