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Annotated Bloggers BOF Photo


annotated picture of bloggersI went ahead and annotated the bloggers BOF photo from the cfunited conference on Flickr. I annotated the names and blogs of each mug (except for one unidentified blogger). It was cool to put some faces on the blogs we read.

Steven Erat has posted an entry about the BOF here.

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Annotated Bloggers BOF Photo was first published on July 08, 2005.

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The unidentified blogger is Mike Rogan ( and my blog is at although it's not CF-centric by any means.

I enjoyed the BOF and was sorry to arrive late. Blogging is something I really enjoy and it seemed like a good group of bloggers there.
by Stacia Rogan on 07/08/2005 at 3:57:38 PM UTC
Thanks Stacia, I have updated the annotations, and also all the blog url's are hyperlinked now.
by Pete Freitag on 07/08/2005 at 4:14:45 PM UTC