How to Remove Search Plugins in Firefox

April 08, 2005

Search Plugin's in firefox are a pretty cool feature, especially since they are so easy to make. However if you want to remove an installed search plugin I can't find any way to do this inside firefox. It should be in the extensions manager, or something like it.

You can remove them manually by going to your Firefox program directory, eg: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ and deleting the .src and .png or .gif files located in the searchplugins sub folder.

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Thanks, I had been wondering about that too, Pete... after adding a few, it really becomes necessary to delete some, and it felt counterinstinctive to prowl around directories to do so... good to know that you came to the same conclusion, thanks.
Jake, I would suspect that is a bug then, the upgrade script shouldn't touch the searchplugins folder I wouldn't think. You could probably report that to bugzilla.
In order to access fire fox plug ins, you click on the tools section on your fire fox browser and the click on add ons. That will list all of the plug ins and also has the option to disable or uninstall plug ins.
firefox kept saying my searches looked like an automated search and would noty let me search google.. so i de installed firefox but the searchplugins folder wouldnt delete.. there are no png or gif filkes and no subfolder too only xml files which i cant shred or delete! i dont want those plugins and they cant be deleted. what to do?
Alison's suggestion is the best for non-techies, like me. From the Tools tab, you can also diasble a plugin without uninstalling it in case it has features you may wish to use once in a while. thanks for the help!

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