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c|net Falls for April Fools Joke


This is what happens when media companies take bloggers too seriously. Or perhaps we shouldn't be taking the media too seriously?

Matt Raible posted an april fools joke saying he was going to work for Microsoft, much like Rob Rohan's april fools post. But a c|net reporter read the blog entry and posted the story on c|net's web site.

Here's the quote the reporter used:

working on the Visual Studio Team to integrate Ajax-ish components into .NET.

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c|net Falls for April Fools Joke was first published on April 02, 2005.


LOL! the funniest thing is that AJAX-ish functionality NEEDS to be embedded in ASP.NET...

that was the biggest dissapointmnent switching from ASP classic to ASP.NET: stupid postbacks all the time - hardly amazing...
by barry.b on 04/03/2005 at 11:18:15 PM UTC