Function to get Page Title from a URL

March 23, 2005

I wrote a simple function today that grabs a url, and parses out the title of the page from the url:

<cffunction name="getPageTitle" returntype="string" output="false">
	<cfargument name="pageurl" type="string" required="true">
	<cfhttp method="get" redirect="true" url="#arguments.pageurl#" throwonerror="true"></cfhttp>
	<cfreturn ReReplace(cfhttp.fileContent, ".*<title>([^<>]*)</title>.*", "\1")>


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nice. You ought to submit it to
Oops, a bit too quick with the old post button! That should have said: Cheers Ryan, How about using a ReReplaceNoCase it allow for HTML like: <TITLE>My Site</TITLE>? cheers David
Hi there... Copied and pasted this code block. Have updated it to now return a complete anchor with href and title attributes. Works like a charm. Very inventive thinking. Will definitely come in handy at some point. Cheers
hi, will this work using php? =)
Thanks for sharing this. I wanted to do the same thing today, but I'm not so great with the regular expressions.
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