If-Modified-Since and CFML Part III

February 22, 2005

Roger Benningfield pointed out to me that most clients use a value from a Last-Modified header as the value sent in the If-Modified-Since. So you will want to ensure that you are setting that header as well, if your planning on checking for If-Modified-Since. To add it simply use the cfheader tag:

<cfheader name="Last-Modified" value="#lastModifiedDate#">

Again make sure the date uses the correct format, use the GetHttpTimeString() function.

Roger also has a post on supporting conditional GETs with CF. I will post some info on ETags soon.

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You should also look at using the ETAG http header and the if_not_match reponse header. Etag can be any text value you want and the if-not-match returns that text value back to you. So for a blog you could put the ID of the article and the last comment made so the next page load could use the cache unless someone had posted a new comment.

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