CFTIMER - Little things in ColdFusion 7

February 11, 2005

I am digging the new cftimer tag in ColdFusion MX 7.

In previous versions when you want to time how long something takes, you would do something like this:

<cfset tick = GetTickCount()>
  run your code here...
<cfset tock = GetTickCount()>
<cfset time = tock-tick>
<cfoutput>it took #time#ms</cfoutput>

With the new cftimer you just need to wrap your code with the CFTIMER tag (and turn on the display Timer Information option in ColdFusion Administrator)

<cftimer label="Google Download Timer" type="outline">
	<cfhttp method="get" url=""></cfhttp>
	<cfoutput>downloaded google</cfoutput>

And it will output something like this:

Google Download Timer: 62ms downloaded google

Note that your browser must support the fieldset and legend tags for this to show up properly with cftimer type="outline"

There are other output types you can use: inline which just displays the timer at the position of the </cftimer> tag, the comment type inserts the timer in an HTML comment, eg: <!-- Google Download Timer: 62ms -->, and the debug type displays the timers at the bottom of the page with the debug output.

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I tried this tag myself the other day - it's a pity the resultant timing isn't available as a variable too - means you still have to use gettickcount() if you want to log the timings of execution etc

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did you hack my cf?