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May 12, 2004

Many people have been posting bookmarklets for searching, and some have asked about a Mozilla/Firefox search plugin. So I though I would create a bookmarklets, and mozilla search plugins page.

This page has bookmarklets that work in IE, Mozilla, FireFox, and Safari. It also has a mozilla search plugin for and So you just need to click on the link, and it installs into the FireFox search box, or drag the bookmarklets to your toolbar. Enjoy.

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Hey, fantastic, I'm gonna be using this a LOT :-) You have a little bug though, related to how Google parses your redirect: packages ending with a valid TLD such as "" are interpreted as domains. HTH, Ian
P.S., you can fix it easily by putting %22's (") around it. But then mispelled packages are less likely to appear.
Hmm interesting, I'll look into what I can do.
This no longer seems to work in Firefox 1.0.3 (but all the other searchlets I have installed still work)...
Thanks for the heads up Sean, I'm looking into it. -pete

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