April 14, 2004

Amazon has launched a search service based on google, and it looks pretty slick. One nice feature is emailing search links: http://a9.com/coldfusion would be the link to a search for ColdFusion.

A9, a new search service from Amazon, has launched in beta. Amazon chose to break the story through John Battelle so that, in his words, "[the news would] move from the blogosphere out, as opposed the WSJ in". Battelle's got some good thoughts on it in his post. They're using Google's search results, display book search results alongside, have a search toolbar, keeps track of your past search results and what you've visited already, and more. Toolbar includes a diary feature with which you can annotate any Web page you visit (a la E-Quill). My first thought: how about some contrast? The cream background and gray text ain't working for me.

A9 has a generic version of their search service that doesn't track you via cookies or use your data in their analysis.

via kottke.org

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If they're using google search results, why does Amazon own Alexa? http://www.alexa.com/

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