Determining Which Cumulative Hotfixes are Installed on ColdFusion

coldfusion It's not always obvious which Cumulative hotfixes are installed on a ColdFusion server. I'm pleased to announce that the paid subscriptions for HackMyCF now let you know which cumulative (non security) hotfixes you have installed, and which ones you don't.

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Adding Two Factor Authentication to ColdFusion Administrator

coldfusion A few months back I was researching two/multi factor authentication solutions to employ to meet PCI compliance, I came across a somewhat new company called DuoSecurity.

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ColdFusion Developer Week at

coldfusion This week (September 12-16 2011) is ColdFusion Developer Week over at Adobe.

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Bug Loading Scripts for CFFileUpload and CFMediaPlayer

coldfusion It has recently come to my attention that there are some hard coded references to /CFIDE/scripts/ in some of the JS files that are used by the new (in CF9) tags CFFileUpload and CFMediaPlayer.

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did you hack my cf?