Video: Installing FuseGuard

coldfusion Did you know that it only takes minutes to get FuseGuard up and running? Here's a short video showing how to install and configure FuseGuard - web application firewall for ColdFusion:

What's FuseGuard?

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Fixing Apache (13)Permission denied: access to / 403 Forbidden

web Every so often I run into a 403 Forbidden response when I'm setting up something in Apache, checking the log files will yield something like:

(13)Permission denied: access to /

There are a few things that could be the problem:

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Client Variable Cookie CFGLOBALS Includes Session Ids

coldfusion I was recently conducting a CFML security review for a client and realized that when you have client variables set to use Cookies, the session ID's (eg CFIDE and CFTOKEN) are included in the CFGLOBALS cookie.

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did you hack my cf?