Easter Egg In ColdFusion MX Found!

September 30, 2002

I found the easter egg in ColdFusion MX, thanks to a hint given out on the cfguru list by a Macromedia Engineer. The Tip that he gave was:

"I think I may have made the ColdFusion MX easter egg just a little too hard to find. Here's a hint: What would the browser language preference be of the most dedicated CF developer? Then go hunting in the admin."

Tom was right, the easter egg was pretty hard to find without that hint. So now if your ready, here's how you find the easter egg:

Set your Language preference to "CFML" in IE you can do this by going to Internet Properties -> Languages -> Add -> User Defined "CFML" Then browse to Version Information link in ColdFusion MX Administrator.

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I wonder if the tradition continues.
Yep. Go to http://localhost/CFIDE/Administrator/settings/_licensedata.cfm?serialize from your cfide administrator.
As just an FYI, this works in CF9 too.

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