Uptime for Windows 2000, 2003, XP and NT

October 13, 2002

Almost every unix operating system comes with a utility called uptime that tells you how long your server has been running.

Unfortunitly no such tool comes with windows, but there is a pretty fool proof way to determine the date you computer was last started. Type the following in to the command prompt.

net statistics server

It will output something like:

Server Statistics for \\PETE
Statistics since 6/9/2002 11:09 AM
The net command is very useful, it allows you to connect to shares, start services, send messages between computers and more. To learn more about it type:
net help
Here are some examples using the net command.

List all accounts in a domain:
net accounts /DOMAIN
Send a message to all users in the domain (a text box pops up). Replace /DOMAIN with a username to send to just one user.
net send /DOMAIN "The server is rebooting"
Start a service
net start "Service Name"
Stop a service
net stop "Service Name"

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Thanks a lot folks!!! This was really a shortcut compared to those perl scripts.
Thanks a lot folks!!! This was really a shortcut compared to those perl scripts.
Note this should also work on Windows 2003 Server
You can get the uptime utility from Microsoft on this page: http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/nts/downloads/management/uptime/default.asp
there is a way to see the uptime in windows XP.. just bring up the cmd window, and type systeminfo.. and scroll to System uptime.. ;)
Thanks Christopher Lindblom, just what I was looking for :)
net statistics server shows statistics for "Seerver" service, not for system, also statisctics shown since last start of service (if started at all). Christopher Lindblom offered better way.
this will do it, open cmd and type systeminfo | find "Up Time"
Command Line for Windows uptime: type Systeminfo at the command line prompt, scroll down to uptime.
Thanks Christopher !
You guys rock! Always wondered if Windows had a similiar 'Uptime' utility but never researched it until today. This is brilliant!
systeminfo shows uptime, but wish it was as fast as the (U|Li)nux versions.
systeminfo | grep -i uptime :)
You can also use the systeminfo command.
Utilizing the unnamed pipe '|' save a lot of time in scrolling, therefore the command: C:\>systeminfo | find "Up Time" immediately displays the system uptime and is the best choice overall for this query.
You can also download UPTIME program, ex: Homepage: http://clanpkm.free.fr/K1. or search in yahoo.com or google...
Thanks a lot the commands was so simple and iam grateful to the guy who posted this.
In windows 2003 and XP We can use Systeminfo command from command prompt to know System uptime
Classic: on my windows XP box systeminfo has the following for System Up Time: System Up Time: N/A net statistics server worked great.
systeminfo |find "Up Time" |msg * that will create a message box for you. If you prefer the net program switch it to Workstation: net statistics Workstation The computer starts before the server does.
Nice that this works on XP home without a download... Thanks!
Do wondows server 2003 need shut down after long uptime?
if yes then whats the approx.uptime of a wondows server 2003? And when should i restart it?
Just start windows task mangager it show uptime of your pc
Task Manager FTW!
It will show the Logon Date.
also we can use mini tool from http://forum.oszone.net/thread-200780.html (in Russian). This tool show current uptime of your PC.
hello there, its a nice day outside today, dont you think?
winter almost gone!!
Just wanted to tell there is also the http://www.windowsuptimemonitor.com that allows to track uptime, user logins and program usage history. Reporting features are included.
Thanks, this is short and simple.

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