Uptime for Windows 2000, 2003, XP and NT

October 13, 2002

Almost every unix operating system comes with a utility called uptime that tells you how long your server has been running.

Unfortunitly no such tool comes with windows, but there is a pretty fool proof way to determine the date you computer was last started. Type the following in to the command prompt.

net statistics server

It will output something like:

Server Statistics for \\PETE
Statistics since 6/9/2002 11:09 AM
The net command is very useful, it allows you to connect to shares, start services, send messages between computers and more. To learn more about it type:
net help
Here are some examples using the net command.

List all accounts in a domain:
net accounts /DOMAIN
Send a message to all users in the domain (a text box pops up). Replace /DOMAIN with a username to send to just one user.
net send /DOMAIN "The server is rebooting"
Start a service
net start "Service Name"
Stop a service
net stop "Service Name"

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Note this should also work on Windows 2003 Server
You can get the uptime utility from Microsoft on this page: http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/nts/downloads/management/uptime/default.asp
this will do it, open cmd and type systeminfo | find "Up Time"
Command Line for Windows uptime: type Systeminfo at the command line prompt, scroll down to uptime.
Thanks a lot the commands was so simple and iam grateful to the guy who posted this.
systeminfo |find "Up Time" |msg * that will create a message box for you. If you prefer the net program switch it to Workstation: net statistics Workstation The computer starts before the server does.
Just start windows task mangager it show uptime of your pc

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