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Getting Started with Blackberry Playbook App Development


I downloaded the SDK and Simulator for the Blackberry Playbook today. A few quick notes about my experiences so far.

The first thing you should know if you are on a Mac is that you must have VMWare Fusion in order to run the Simulator at this time. The site notes that you need to download VMWare Player (this is a windows and linux only product).

The simulator is pretty bare bones right now, it doesn't even include the web browser yet.

Blackberry is providing a nice promotion for developers to start building apps for the playbook. If you build a PlayBook AIR app and get it approved on App World before the playbook is launched, they will give you a free PlayBook (this offer is no longer valid).

Here are a handful of links that you might find useful to get started:

Another thing that caught me up was the developer mode password on the playbook simulator, however I got it right on my second guess (the password is password, my first guess was empty).

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Getting Started with Blackberry Playbook App Development was first published on November 17, 2010.

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