The many ways to Lower Case a String

September 15, 2009

If you ever wondered why there are so many programming languages, look no further than the the many ways to convert a string to lower case. Almost every language has a core function to make a string lowercase, yet there seems to be pressure to come up with a distinct name for the function:

Function Name Languages
LCase() ColdFusion / CFML, ASP, Visual Basic
lower() SQL, Python
toLowerCase() Java, JavaScript, ActionScript
strtolower() PHP
tolower() ANSI C/C++
toLower() C#
downcase Ruby
lower-case() XQuery
lowercaseString Objective C / NSString
lc() Perl

Are there any other lowercase functions out there that you know of?

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I believe DiscoScript uses getDown() :)
Funny :) Here's a bunch more...!
@Ryan - Nice. @Jamie - thanks for the link, nice resource.

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