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Hotfix for CF8 FCKeditor Vulnerability Released


Adobe has just released a security hotfix for the FCKeditor vulnerability in Coldfusion 8.

Also of Note, Adobe's Terry Ryan posted a blog entry today detailing How to report a ColdFusion Security Issue to Adobe.

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Hotfix for CF8 FCKeditor Vulnerability Released was first published on July 08, 2009.

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Just a head's up to anyone applying this one:
1) The .jar file comes down as a .zip file. Just change the extension

2) I downloaded this one locally, uploaded to the server, and then copied over into the CFIDE folder. After that, I got a server login bix whenever I tried to use cftextarea.

Turns out the cftextarea.js file had the FTP folder priviliages, and it required more privliages to work in the CFIDE folder. Once I set them up to match the other folder in that directory, it was fine again.
by Paul Dynan on 09/28/2009 at 2:41:12 PM UTC
Hey, subtle must be your mildde name. Great post!
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