Geolocation API for Adobe AIR?

October 08, 2008

Mozilla recently announced a new project called Geode - which allows web sites to request your location using JavaScript. I assume this will be built into a future release of Firefox someday, but for now it's a Plugin.

Geode allows Firefox to support the Geolocation API Specification which is a JavaScript API for getting location information from a hosting device or web browser.

Here's a Code example:

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(pos) {
  alert( pos.latitude + ", " + pos.longitude );

Geode will ask for permission before giving the web site access to your location, here's a screen shot:

Screen shot of geode firefox plugin for location data

This is all pretty awesome, does Adobe plan on adding Geolocation API support to the Adobe AIR Platform?

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You can pull that information using the Google API google.loader.ClientLocation:
Thanks for the link Anthony, but it looks like the google ClientLocation API uses the IP address to determine location. The Geode actually uses Wifi Triangulation (using Skyhook?s Loki technology) to determine the lat / lon.

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