Backing up ColdFusion Datasources

March 18, 2003

If you want to backup datasources on ColdFusion 5 and below on windows, backup the following registry keys:


Create two reg files, and then just double click the reg file on the server you want to backup on. If your only using OLE DB datasources, then I believe you only need to backup the first key. Also it may be a good idea to keep a backup of your the entire ColdFusion registry key.

On ColdFusion MX 6 settings are stored in files (typically xml using WDDX) instead of the registry. So you need to backup the files that contain the settings. The file cfusionmx\lib\neo-query.xml stores the datasources.

Update: On more recent versions of ColdFusion the file is called neo-datasource.xml and is still using WDDX as of ColdFusion 2018.

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