ColdFusion 8 Update 1 Fixes some Image Processing Quirks

April 05, 2008

It was nice to see that two of the quirks that I talk about in my Image Processing in ColdFusion 8 presentation were fixed in ColdFusion 8, Update 1 - they are:

  • The cfimage tag and image functions now retain EXIF data after operating on an image.
  • The height and width attributes are now optional for cfimage action=captcha. If you omit these options ColdFusion sizes the Captcha image to fit the generated text. This is nice because if you specified a height or width that was too small it would throw an exception!

They also added two other enhancements / fixes in this update:

  • The cfimage tag now supports alt, style, and other standard HTML image attributes.
  • If you specify an image that uses the CMYK color space for the image border, ColdFusion converts it to the RGB color space. The source image is not changed.

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Please i have a problem displaying an image from a byte array with cf8. the byte array is actually received from a java sdk function of the fingerprint device. it contains the image of the fingerprint captured.. but coldfusion says the file is invalid. thanks
Hey Tola, It seems your further then I am. I have a time clock application that needs fingerprint authentication with cf8 on windows 2k3. how should I get started to get CF to work with a finger print reader/scannner?

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did you hack my cf?