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10 Most Useful Image Functions in ColdFusion 8


Last week when I gave my Image Manipulation with ColdFusion 8 presentation at the New York City ColdFusion Users Group, several people asked me to blog this slide. It was titled The 10 Most Useful Image Functions and here they are in no particular order:

  • ImageRead
  • ImageWrite
  • ImageNew
  • ImageDrawText
  • ImageGetWidth
  • ImageGetHeight
  • ImageScaleToFit
  • ImageSetAntialiasing
  • ImageSetDrawingColor
  • ImageSetDrawingStroke

There are over 50 image processing functions added in ColdFusion 8, which can make learning how to use them a daunting task. I tell people if you want to learn how to do image processing in ColdFusion 8, learn these functions first.

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10 Most Useful Image Functions in ColdFusion 8 was first published on April 05, 2008.

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