How to Confuse with Color

January 04, 2007

color legend This screen shot is taken from a Virtuozzo Power Panel, which despite my complaints here, has some nice features for managing a VPS.

As you can see they use a light shade of red for the red zone, and then red for the black zone. At least they are using yellow for the yellow zone - but what is the difference between each zone, I'm guessing that the black zone is the worst (meaning my resources are low), but it just is a very confusing color scheme.

vzpp screenshot

Above is a screen shot example of the coloring in use. The table header, and alternating row coloring don't help things. Also notice the black text on red background - a color contrast no no.

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Hey Pete, That's wonderful, in a tragic way. Maybe you should submit it to the pop-up potpurri category of -Joe
why not stick with the commonly recognised red, amber, yellow scheme? at least that way they'd be able to modify their light red to something slightly different from the main red colour.

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