Gravatar's not showing up?

December 18, 2006

I had been wondering why my Gravatar images haven't been showing up for a while in the comments on my blog. I had thought that it was because Gravatar is moving servers - their homepage currently says:

In order to handle the rapidly increasing load, I've had to experiment with a variety of server architectures. I ask for your patience during the coming weeks as I test out a few setups. The new and improved, vastly more scalable solution, will serve gravatars expediently and reliably.

But when I was over at Jon Hicks blog today, I noticed that his gravatars were working fine.

The problem was that my Hash had uppercase characters in it (this is because I'm using ColdFusion and its Hash function returns upper case Hex characters. The new gravatar requires a lowercase hash code.

It's a pretty simple fix, just wrap the Hash call with LCase()


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My I suggest MyAvatar of Napolux (Italy):
Thanks. I'm updating my Gravatar enabled apps now.
I'm trying to see if mine works!
i don't know why my gravatars don't work in my blog
Another thing about gravatarsis that the e-mail is case-sensitive. Right?
yeah gravatar is so buggy i kept getting errors when trying to add my avatar than it didnt even show up on gravatar enabled siets.
Just testing to see if my gravatar is working, only recently signed up for one, but not yet got it working...
Just testing....
testing to see if my pic is working
I have the same issue, its annoying.
just testing
I've been trying to add Gravatars to my site and it's just not working. No matter what I do, I get the "No picture" image, even though the hash is the same. It doesn't even work when I use Gravatar's own checking tool. I'm starting to wonder what all the fuss is about
Ha! Typical that my Gravatar works here after what I said, isn't it?!
testing my gravatar
Testing if my gravatar works here too
Testing also
Also testing, lets hope this triggers the grav to work!
Testing my gravatar. Thanks.
I've been having troubles with gravatar too. Thanks for the info. Testing!
testing my gravater to see if it works
testing gravatar
testing testing
testing gravatar
testing gravatar...
testing gravatar
Showing gravatar?
Testing gravatar, just like everyone else.
testing out my gravatar.
testing also..
testing mine too, lets see if it works here
Me too testing...
Hey! Its showing up here, then why not on my blog...
testing for first time
My gravatar is showing up on comments and in my profile but it does not show up in the widget on my site called 'Authors'. Any Help? Also, when I tried using my e-mail it kept coming up with 'Sorry I am getting a lot of blog spam from your email domain so your comment has been blocked, please go back and use a different email or omit it.'
testing 123 !!!!!!!!!!!!
testing again gravatar not working
For somereason my avatar isn't showing up. This shouldn't be this hard.
testing testing
testing !!!!
testing once again
jest testin
Ok This is testing
Same here, and thanks.
didn't show last time
test gravatar
testing avatar
Test Gravatar
Testing my gravator Too ! :D
testing :) hahaha
testing the gravatar
also testing my gravatar
ewfwefwe ewfwefwe ewfwefwe ewfwefwe ewfwefwe ewfwefwe ewfwefwe ewfwefwe ewfwefwe
testing gravatar
Testing testing 124
tester tester testing
Hi i'm just testing my gravatar I hope it is showing up.
testing gravatar
mines not been working either
testing my grravatar!
Just a test of the ol' gravatar!
testing gravatar please
check on gravatar
test to gravatar
test gravatar
test gravatar
Testing once again, with another rating
testing the gravatar...
yet another tester.... if the gravatar site worked, we would not have to do this.....
Testing this thing out
testing testing
ok this sucks, gravatar does not work on the blog i'm making, but it does work here
Just testing Gravatar
testing out gravatar
Testing Gravatar
testing gravatar
Testing gravatar!
testing the gravatar function
testing gravatar
Testing my gravatar

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