CSSDocs.org Launched

December 05, 2006

I have just launched another documentation shortcut site, this time for CSS: cssdocs.org. It allows you to get to CSS documentation from the url, for instance type in: cssdocs.org/text-decoration to go to the W3C documentation for the text-decoration property.

Be sure to check out the homepage because it has a handy AJAX autocompleter (which I plan on adding to my other documentation sites cfdocs.org and javadocs.org as well).

Enjoy! Feedback welcome.

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When i type in "display", and then hit enter (on the keyboard), the text reformats and says "vertical-align". When I type in display, i get a "suggest" type drop down that says "vertical-align". However, I do not select this. Just some feedback. Otherwise, cool shortcuts!
That's pretty neat, but what I really need is a way to check for browser incompatibilities. My blog, http://refried.org/blog, doesn't display correctly on IE, but I don't have a clue what to change to make it look right. I'm a Linux only guy and I developed the CSS with Firefox. Do you have any suggestions?
Awesome! :D
Thank YOU! This is a great tool.
Nate - For browser compatability check out: http://www.quirksmode.org/css/contents.html Ben - That's strange, what browser are you using, can anyone else duplicate this? I just set autocomplete=off on the input box, I have a feeling that may fix it.
Pete, I am using FireFox 2.0. It must be some sort of auto-fill issue. Right now, if I type in a value and hit enter quickly, works fine. If i pause after typing (and I get a suggest popup) then I have to hit enter like 2 or 3 times to submit the form. Hardly a big deal at all though.
You, sir, are a wonderful human being.

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