Freitag Bag's Store in Zurich

October 06, 2006

freitag bagsYou may remember last year I posted about Freitag ® bags a company in Switzerland that makes messenger bags, ipod sleves, wallets, and more out of recycled stuff freitag bags store in zurich from the front (vinyl truck tarps, seatbelts, and bicycle inner-tubes).

They recently opened a new store in Zurich that's made from recycled freight containers.

The FREITAG SHOP ZURICH is completely built from rusty, recycled freight-containers. Lovingly they were gutted, reinforced, piled up and secured. Zurich?s first bonsai-skyscraper: Low enough not to violate the city?s restriction on high-rise buildings. High enough to send shivers down anyone?s spine.

Thanks to John Benson for emailing me a link.

Here's some more photos:

freitag bags store in zurich freitag bags store in zurich

freitag bags store in zurich freitag bags store in zurich

Check out more photos on flickr.

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