Zookoda For Sale

September 22, 2006

Zookoda, a RSS to Email service company has announced that they are going to auction off their service (domain name, source code, etc.). I thought it was worth noting this because Zookoda is written in CFML!

Why are we selling? Good question! As a 2 person company we have taken Zookoda as far as we can as an isolated product. To realise its full potential Zookoda needs to join a much larger family with synergistic products that help drive exposure and users. Since launch Zookoda has been free and has helped many a blog publisher build enduring relationships with their audience and increase page views, traffic and advertising dollars. There are many organisations who would benefit from having Zookoda in their product mix, now is your time to take a look under the hood and get in touch.

Coverage on TechCrunch, ZooBlog (hey their using blogcfc).

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Interesting - their BlogCFC is quite old. I added a generic email functionality to BlogCFC a while ago. It is useful for sending general messages to your subscribers. I may now consider adding something like this - an automated summary type feature.
Yeah a digest mode that sends a daily or weekly list of new entries is a handy feature, that's how I would prefer to subscribe to a blog if I were to do it via email.

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