Amazon's EC2 and S3 to take on Google?

August 28, 2006

I can't help but thinking that Amazon's new Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) web service, and their S3 storage service are being launched to compete with Google. Or at least help decrease Google's dominance (and make some bucks in the process).

Lots of experts believe that Google's greatest asset is their scalable computing platform. Amazon appears to also have built quite a platform, and they are now leasing at entry level friendly pricing.

With Amazon EC2, you don't need to acquire hardware in advance of your needs. Instead, you simply turn up the dial, spawning more virtual CPUs, as your processing needs grow. During the beta you can run up to 20 virtual servers per account, or more by special arrangement.

The EC2 service and S3 storage service (which is basically the same idea you just pay for as much storage as you are actually use) can also work together nicely. You basically have huge amounts of processing power, and storage at your disposal. And you only pay for what you use.

This will enable some new applications that weren't possible without large amounts of Venture Capital.

Some more reading on this: TechCrunch, Greg Linden, jkeyes, AWS Blog, LeanCode, Programmable Web

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I'm not clear on how this is competing with Google. Does Google offer services like this?
No google doesn't offer this kind of service, but they have a similar architecture. If you wanted to build something like GMail with (2GB of space free) you can now do it a lot easier using amazon's massive amounts of storage.
I put together this EC2 walkthrough which might be helpful to some people:
Are there other companies doing anything similar? I checked out the Sung Grid ( but I am not sure it is as flexible as the AWS...
Tip top stuff. I'll epxect more now.

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