Macromedia Central, and Synchronized Applications

April 24, 2003

Macromedia has a presentation about the upcoming Macromedia Central platform.

The presentation notes that there are 750,000 Flash developers, and there is a $2.2B market for these "Permium Internet Content Applications" (Jupiter Research). I hope all the flash developers don't work on these because that only leaves each developer with just under $3000 :).

I'm interested to get a look at the API that central will provide developers. One thing I'm perticurally interested in these days is applications that synchronize data. I use at least 3 different computers on a regular basis (work, laptop, home pc), should I have to maintain 3 different address books? Definetly not. I think Macromedia Central will be a good platform for developing such applications, though from what I understand creating this synchronization would still be on the sholders of the app developers. (By the way I do have an app for keep my address book sync'd, I use IntelliSync for Yahoo, it sync's your Outlook and Yahoo! address books. It doesn't work perfectly however)

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