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April 07, 2006

icon buffet logo The Icon Buffet has a pretty cool program called Free Icon Delivery:

Once a month, IconBuffet will deliver a free collection of stock icons (a Free Delivery) to your IconBuffet account. These special icons are royalty-free for both commercial and personal use.

I bet this program does pretty well from a marketing standpoint, because it gets me to visit their site every month to get my free icons. When I'm there I usually browse around a bit. If I ever need to buy some icons, I'm sure they will be the first place I check.

They also allow you to swap icons with other members, if you wanna swap I have Helsinki Hi-Fi, Oslo Atmosphere, Shanghai Tech Smilies, and Tower Grove Melee. Just post a comment, or contact me.

Update: They now let you swap icons on their site...

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I'd like Tower Grove Melee and Helsinki Hi-Fi. (And Manhattan Night Life and Dresden Tournament if anyone else has those.) I've got Durango Research, Farewell Snow, Mallow Buzz 1, Taipei Monkey, and Taipei Night Market. You can contact me at Richard [AT NO SPAM] richarddavies.us
I sent Richard Helsinki Hi-Fi, and Tower Grove Melee. If anyone has: Manhattan Night Life, Marseilles Cafe, Oslo Finance, or Tower Grove Promenade - I dig those, and wouldn't mind having them.
I like the concept alot. Thanks, Pete for putting it up. I got "Oslo Atmosphere" when I signed up. If anyone has "Durango Research", I think I could put it to good use.
Pete, have you seen the free set at famfamfam.com? This guy has published literally thousands of icons completely royalty-free. Definitely worth a look.
I have seen tbe Fam Fam Fam those are def worth a mention as well.
Hey Mike I just sent you Durango Research
Sent me too Thanks
i have "Tower Grove Promenade" if anyone would like to trade.
I'm new to this and think it's pretty cool. I have Blinksale and Taipei Night Market if anyone wants them. I'm open to any sets that someone wants to share.
Eric I will take Blinksale. Send it to squidpunch AT gmail.com send me your email and I will send you Tower Grove Promenade.
If I could get Tower Grove Melee, that would be great, at the moment I only have one of the packages (marseilles cafe) if anyone needs that, if I could get any package really would be great :P Thanks.
Wudozet - i can send you Towe Grove Promenade, send me marseilles cafe to squidpunch AT gmail.com and i will send mine to whatever address you provide. -david
Can I have Tower Grove Melee and Oslo Atmosphere? The only one I have is Shanghai Tech.
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