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March 31, 2006

Scott Heiferman wrote up 50 Reasons Why More People Aren't Using Your Website. It's a good reality check. Nobody wants to use your web site - but they will use it if it's fun, solves a problem, provides them with information, or if they are forced to.

Here are some excerpts from his list that I liked:

  • Because it solves a problem they don't have
  • Because nobody at work said they should use it
  • Because it doesn't save them a ton of time
  • Because it doesn't save lives or save the world
  • Because they've got jobs & kids & they're busy
  • Because they're scared of the computer
  • Because it says "tags" or "rss" and they feel stupid
  • Because they've never heard of flickr or delicious either
  • Because they just don't want to read what you want them to read

I think this list speaks to the fact that you need to be making your web sites as simple, and easy to use as possible. Because people are busy - they don't want to read, or figure out how it works.

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Maybe people should be more worried about serving the purpose they had in mind than in serving the masses. When I post original science fiction to my personal site, I don't care if it's not going to appeal to people who don't like to read sci-fi online. When I post content to my company site, I don't care if it's of no interest to people who aren't in my company's target market. To paraphrase an old saying, you can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. Lists like this just imply we should be trying for the impossible (not to mention dumbing down to the absolute lowest common denominator). Focus on the purpose of your site, and forget those who don't want or understand it. It's (maybe) their loss, not yours, and you'll benefit from having a site that optimally does what you wanted it to do in the first place.
Very good points Stuart! I agree you need focus, and you need to appeal to your target market not the mass public. Lists like these I think are good for some people to realize, when they are building services that expect the user to do things without incentive.
I thought about adding a tag cloud to my site for http://rubyonrailsblog.com - It might help, I noticed yours looks pretty good and lays out a lot of the newest tech features. I wasn't sure where to place it due to my layout but i like the idea! Serve a purpose rather than gabbing. ya that makes sense
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I think allot of folks don't review websites because first of all most of them is to differ and seems like they are made for the hi class and the Bill Gates. The search engines requires so much that it now seems that the computer or really for folks of the 21st century and the older folks scared of the mouse because they think of it as a rat, and the key board to them should be something they could play,And this is the best one yet,Folks here says don't go on the computer because the monitor is monitoring every thing you say or do. Anyway I think websites should be made more simple.
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