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January 23, 2006

safari download progress icon I noticed something new today on my Mac. When you download a file with Safari, the icon for the new file has a progress bar that updates as it downloads.

After seeing this feature that many people like myself have probably never even noticed before, I thought wow, Apple really does pay close attention to detail. This is perhaps one of the reasons for their success.

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In Linux, I have also noticed lots of similar effects and felt the same feelings :)
That's a cool feature.. On the PC I look in the taskbar where It shows "x% of X downloading". Since I always have programs open, I almost never look at the desktop when downloading - so to have an animation of something I'll never look at is a waste of my processor. THAT's attention to detail.
MK, > so to have an animation of something I'll never look at is a waste of my processor. You must be referring to Window's animated 'copying' dialog box! ;-) Pete, I've noticed a similar display in the dock with application icons showing the progress too. Nice.
If my memory serves Microsoft IE for Mac version 3 or 4 first introduced the idea of updating the icon to show down.load progress. OS 8.5, documented 10/26/1998.
I want this machine, I hope this year get Apple Mac Pro Intel based notebook ;)
Even better is, if the download is interrupted, you can click on the download icon and it'll resume where it left off.
When you start Classic on OS X, the icon in the Dock has a 9 that slowly fills up with orange whilst Classic is loading. Also, the icon of iCal (in the Dock) displays the current date when iCal is running.
You?re on top of the game. Thanks for sahrnig.

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