Gizmo vs Skype

January 07, 2006

I have been looking into Skype vs the Gizmo Project a bit today. It can be pretty tricky to choose which service to use - I don't like to run lots of programs at once, so I'd rather just pick one than use both.

Here are some points for comparison:

People I know use itcheck-
Based on an Open Protocol (SIP)-check
Calls are encryptedcheckcheck
3 Month Call In Rate€10 ($12.12)$12
Call Out Rate (US)€0.017 ($0.021)$0.01
Built-in conversation recording-check
Good Area Code Selectioncheck-
Free Voicemail-check

Brian Arnold has a good blog entry on Skype vs Gizmo Project, with lots of discussion in the comments.

If you have any other points of comparison please post them in the comments, Gizmo being SIP based is a big one I think.

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will be interesting to see how OpenWengo fares to that. SIP, open source and cross platform.
OpenWengo fares to that. SIP, open source and cross platform. ?? regards
Like to see a comparison of mobile voip apps as well. Pocketskype is a pig and only works on fast (edge or better) connections... mobile calling is much bigger than pc2pc calling- you save money and talk wirelessly
Big thing also is Gizmo's entire intention is to be cross-platform. ie, AOL, Yahoo, MSN...all SIP based and all should eventually fall under their compatability umbrella. Skype on the other hand is a walled garden - albeit one with numerous handsets coming out. Still....Skype is just a VoIP and IM offering whereas Gizmo's ability to work with so many other service may in the long run open up their suites of services to the masses.
My experiences with Skype vs Gizmo is that Gizmo gives the user some distinguishable voice communication over dial-up IPs while Skype doesn't like dial-up IPs at all, bandwidth too narrow I guess. But once you get cab le broadband access, the Skype has a far better sounding voice communication than Gizmo does. That's been my observations on the matter, there doesn't seem to be too much of an improvement going from dial-up to broadband with Gizmo, but there is a world of difference with the Skype software when it is used on a broadband network like Adelphia.
Hey there! I'm a little late to the post here, but, thanks for the link! I'm glad that post was useful to a number of people. :)
I use skype for a while, and I am happy with it. However, I found Gizmo when I needed to solve a problem which Skype cannot handle. I live outside US, but I needed a US based phone number my customers can call me. And I found a free service that offers a free US, Washington phone number with call forwarding to a SIP phone. Since Skype is not SIP based, I needed a freeware SIP phone with SIP number and proxy. And Gizmo gave me exactly this. So I have to stick with both, Skype for regular Skype friends, while Gizmo at least for getting the phone calls from the US based phone number I got
It has been nearly two years now, and I'm amazed at how much traffic my original Skype vs. Gizmo post still pulls - from your post! Every day, several people drift over to read what I wrote, which is amusing to me. :)
I have recently bought the Nokia E51 and it offered the Gizmo for VOIP download. Now, I really found it well integrated into the Nokia menu (it goes directly to phone book where you can instantly enable/disable it). Another PRO gizmo is the cross-platform or cross-messenger ability it offers - e.g. AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Mirabilis ICQ is also supported, although not mentioned as ICQ is sharing the same protocols and servers as AOL. (I'm not sure, however I think AOL have bought ICQ some time ago)... Still, although I like gizmo a lot on the mobile, unfortunately I can't say the same thing for PC. It has a long way to go in order to become as good as skype in regards to user-friendliness. All my icq contacts are accessible in Gizmo, however as numbers only - no nicknames, that is rather confusing. Moreover, details are not shared. Interface of Gizmo needs some work for sure, still, I think I might like it better than skype, as it is compatible with most common messengers. A problem with Gizmo is that I could not make a voip call from my mobile to another user that was currently online. While with FRING, integrating with skype protocols, I did manage to have a quite decent conversation from mobile voip to mobile voip.
Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

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