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January 07, 2006

If anyone is looking for some new features to implement in CFEclipse, I would suggest checking out TextMate. The editor is pretty popular among developers on the Mac, and Ruby on Rails folks.

If you don't have a mac you can checkout some of the screencasts for TextMate.

I picked up two features that I think would be cool to see in CFEclipse:

  • Hitting tab (or Esc perhaps) when inside a tag will tab through each attribute and value, so you can easily change them. Check out the Symfoni screencast for an example of this.
  • When you change a tag name it also changes the closing tag. So if you want to change a h1 to a h2 you just change the 1 to a 2 in the start tag, and it fixes the end tag.

Please discuss any other ideas in the comments so we can pass this along to the cfeclipse team.

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Looks interesting, I shall download and have a look. Thanks for that.
That is a crazy wicked editor. I've been using it for pretty much everything except coldfusion lately. One thing that rules in tag based languages is the multi-line edit (http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/working_with_text#editing_multiple_lines) where you can edit several lines at the same time, and column selection where you can select columns of text (not just lines) Sadly, they have way more access to the text editing part than is available in eclipse. So much so... I actually like Textmate better than eclipse :( And the template and snippets do rock as you pointed out.
Have been using textmate for awhile now, after using BBEdit, JEdit, 3 eclipse projects, Dreamweaver and several other small editors. Conclusion: It rocks! I like it so much I use it for CF editing even though it lacks any syntax highlighting. I am working on creating a current (CFMX 7) package to remedy this and the software author has been supportive the little bit I have requested guidance. Textmate works great with both Transmit and my favorite, Yummy FTP (also a responsive author with a great product). Check it out if you use OS X - I love how fast and stable it is, even with many large files open at once.

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