Bluetooth Cellphone as skype handset

December 10, 2005

I bought some SkypeOut credits the other day to experiment with the service. It works pretty good - my main gripe is that the software doesn't allow you to enter touch tone digits after you make the call. Which means you can only use it to call direct lines, unless you have a phone plugged in.

I also noticed that skype now supports a motorolla bluetooth headset for use with skype, this got me thinking - my cell phone has bluetooth support, couldn't I use it as a headset for skype somehow?

I also want to ask if anyone has any recommendations for VoIP services?

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I've been using SkypeOut for a while and it makes it so cheap to call people in the US. My only gripe is that I use a few computers, but unlike MSN the contact list is stored on the computer, which makes upgrading/moving systems a chore, especially if you get a corrupt HD. As for touch tones try this:
Thanks Richard, that will be handy when I'm on windows. I'll have to look for a mac version as well.
We use skype 2.0 beta at work and have success with tones after connecting the call (to choose options in an automated service for example). The video support in 2.0 is also quite welcome (we just need those features on OSX now).
I've used Gizmo Project for a while and am quite happy with it.
Maybe the Mac version is behind the Windows version when it comes to features. I have been running the latest stable release and you can send dial tones to interact with a phone system as well as carry your contact lists between computers.
I think I read somewhere recently that Skype contacts are now maintained on the Skype server(s) but I'm not sure. You CAN run Skype fof a USB thumbrive. I've done it no problem. What I'm really anxious to score, however, is a USB drive/Bluetooth dongle that can pair with Bluetooth earphones/mic or perhaps another form of wireless audio support. I spose it would need built in audio card/Bluetooth config apps. Install Skype on the thumbdrive, pair the Bluetooth with your fave earpiece/mic or whatever and WHAMMO, you gotcher instant "plug it into net-connected Win XP machine" walk'n'talk key fob. Of course, for true G33K l33tness I spose one must insist on install a tiny linux distro mit vorsprung der Skype-nology and boot off the USB drive. One simply must, you see. Add a dash of VPN and IP tunnelling, sprinkle with Firefox/Thunderbird/PGP and whatever other tin-hat-paranoid security seasonings to taste and you got yerself the compleat pocket kit to pissin off The Man. Innit? Hmm... I think I need to inwestigate further at
sadly, I do not think it's possible to use your bluetooth phone as the skype phone. The reason I got explained was that, the phone is built to be a voice and sound receiver, against a BT headset that is a voice and sound Sender.
could someone explain to me the whole deal with skype. i'm looking for cheap alternative voip deals, would skype be a better choice?
could someone explain to me the whole deal with skype. i'm looking for cheap alternative voip deals, would skype be a better choice?
Please contact me for about bluetooth earphone with skype if you dont mind!
I recently downloaded Skype on my Cingular 8125 pda phone and it works pretty well (in as far as the sound quality is great). I use this little program called Bluecast and it allows me to pump music (wireless) directly to my earpiece; that also goes for my skype calls aswell.
Is there a cell phone that has skype imbedded? I want to have skype most of the time and regular cellphone to fill in the gaps.
Some of the standalone (i.e. not purchased with a contract) Nokia models I believe can use Skype, but those are usually $300+... It also wouldn't shock me if Iphone/Ipod Touch could use Skype.
Joel, yes there is an iPhone application for Skype now.
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call the SKYPE customer service is completely free !!!

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