Majority of Surfers use 1024x768 or better

July 25, 2005

According to some stats released by OneStat only 18.23% of browsers are using 800x600 these days, down from 24.66% last year.

A whopping 57.38% use 1024x768, the rest use something higer (I'm sure there are still a few 640x480's out there viewing the web with CGA graphics card).

Via: digg, which is a pretty cool site for finding news btw.

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I wonder how much of that change is due to LCD screens & laptop users where there is pretty much one resolution that will work and the majority are 1024*768
There is a difference between screen resolution and browser size. I *never* browse with maximized despite my high (1280x1024) resolution. Remember that 800x600 safely supports about 740 horizontal pixels without scrolling. If you get screen resolution with javascript, can't you also get browser width/height via some calcs? Seems like aggregating that would be far more useful.
Good point Brian, my screen resolution is set to 1152x864, but I usually browse with a 1024x768 window. Actually I have some bookmarklets that let me adjust by browser window to a specific size, see
One thing to remember is screen orientation. I'm looking at this in 768x1024 (tablet PC in portrait mode). This site is a good example of now to degrade gracefully. With the proliferation of tablets that are X6A res, it's a good thing to keep in mind.

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