RDS Plugin for Eclipse?

July 21, 2005

Tim Buntel posted a message to the CFEClipse users mailing list with the subject, Does that mean you're working on RDS support?

Generally, we've found that folks who want "RDS support" are really looking for 2 things; remote server file system access and database connectivity (e.g. query builders, table metadata, and so forth). In that sense, yes  we're interested in finding a way that CFEclipse can solve these problems. If there are other things that you're looking to achieve with RDS, let us know.

Good to see your on the mailing list tim. Just one question for you: Does that mean you're working on RDS support? ;)

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Don't forget component inspection.
Mike, you can already do some of that with the "Methods View" in cfeclipse Go to Window - Show View - Other - CFML - Methods View
That's a good point Calvin, perhaps a good feature request would be to integrate RDS with sandboxes, and allow multiple users. Another reason people say they don't like RDS is that it sends passwords over plain text. You can remedy this by running it over HTTPS.
I've been trying to use the method view, but it is really awkward for the way I work. I need to be able to examine the entire component architecture when I'm working in files other than cfcs. At best, I'm only able to get one component visible in the method view at a time. Plus, you have to open the cfc in the edit window to see the methods. Then you have to pin it so it doesn't get updated when you switch to the file your want to use the method in.

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