Everybody's turning 10 Years Old

July 08, 2005

Has anyone else noticed all the 10 year birthdays going on?

Just to name a few internet things that are turning or have just turned 10 years old...

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The Macromedia website and Shockwave both turned ten last month too. I'm not sure why those weren't partied-up as well.
A lot of these Technologies listed above (CF/PHP/MySQL/Java) are finally maturing and an amazing breadth of products are being developed on all the above platforms. Between those applications and then amazon, yahoo and ebay, literally the whole world is at your fingertips. Now, its really a question of coming up with new ways to apply these technologies and thats whats really exciting. ( props to zeldmans blog only b/c it wasn't yet mentioned : )
Didn't MP3's turn 10 recently as well? let's face it without music on the computer lots of people wouldn't program till 3am :)

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