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Auto-Linking Comments


To avoid comment spam, my blog comments are displayed as plain text. However urls to other entries on my blog are often posted to in the comments. So I wrote a simple regular expression to create hyperlinks out of them:

	"<a href=""\1"">\1</a>", 

If you want this to work with or without the www you can use something like this for the regular expression:


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Auto-Linking Comments was first published on June 24, 2005.

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now that's pretty damn useful! thx for post it :)


you wouldnt happen to know how they have and can display the content in different languages over at MXNA, would ya?
by forgetfoo on 06/24/2005 at 12:17:05 PM UTC

I think the other languages on MXNA are blogs that are actually written in those languages. I could be mistaken perhaps Christain Cantrell or Mike Chambers will read this and can comment further.
by Pete Freitag on 06/24/2005 at 12:46:03 PM UTC
BTW if you find an entry to be useful (or not useful) please use my rating system at the bottom of the post.

Then I can construct which posts are most useful, and which are not.

See for a list of most useful posts so far. (ooh that should auto-link)
by Pete Freitag on 06/24/2005 at 1:24:41 PM UTC
how do you leave comments on all your friends on your friends list on myspace,any help? email me about it
by devon on 10/18/2005 at 3:26:39 PM UTC
hey, i heard there was an auto comment bot, if anyone knows of this bot please let me know [email protected]
by Anthony on 11/05/2005 at 1:06:57 AM UTC
yeah the comment bot what up with it. I know someone has one.
by be dubs on 11/15/2005 at 5:52:17 PM UTC
i would love an email also with that auto post bot info as well.
by zane on 11/18/2005 at 12:15:18 PM UTC