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June 22, 2005

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FeedBurner is introducing their Feed Awareness API. If you have a free account with FeedBurner you can get your feed circulation (number of subscribers), and number of hits on your feed using their REST api.

If you have a pro account you can get item, and resyndication data from the API.

I am wondering why FeedBurner doesn't have a ping API yet? So you can tell them that your feed has updated.

What's FeedBurner?

FeedBurner will host your RSS feed for you and provide lots of value added services, such as stats, ads, splicing links or photos, etc.

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Maybe they don't have a PING service due to bandwidth problems and SPAM?
Perhaps, though I would think they have quite a bit of bandwidth due to the amount of feeds they host. I'm not really sure how the ping service would get spammed though? I am referring to a ping service such as pingomatic.com
When you search for new posts in a blog, it's an action of the program SEARCHING FOR the blog. When you ping, YOU tell the program that you make some new posts... so, maybe you can ping it a lot of times and, even if you don't get too much atention, you can consume all the bandwidth of the service - you and some others too. Just thinking about and speculating, I'm not some kind of specialist... :)
Hello there. We do have a ping service! In fact, we're one of the services listed at ping-o-matic, or you can just ping us directly. Check out http://www.burningdoor.com/feedburner/archives/000478.html We obviously need to do a better job of publicizing this! Eric Lunt CTO, FeedBurner
Eric, Thanks... I must have missed that on the ping-o-matic page.
actually we do have a ping api... :) http://www.burningdoor.com/feedburner/archives/000478.html
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