iTunes Dashboard Widget

June 09, 2005

itms widgetMy iTunes Music Store dashboard widget has made it on Apple's Top 50 dashboard widget downloads at number 15.

I actually never got around to posting about it here on my blog, but I built it a while back - around the same time I built the amazon search dashboard widget. It uses the iTunes music store RSS feeds to display the top songs, top albums, featured songs, and new releases on the iTunes Music Store. It also supports all the different locales, and genres.

The dashboard widgets are pretty easy to build if you know javascript, most of them are just HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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I like the functionality, but the colors are problematic. White on light blue: my iMac LCD monitor makes it all a bluish white. Same goes for the gray copyright text at the back, it is not readable. It would be nice if the Genre dropdown actually was a list of checkboxes, so I could create my own profile. Would there be a faster way to display the track data on rollover than to use the INFO labels? The "hide results" button should in fact be a toggle. Now I need to click the refresh button to show the images again.
Thanks for the feedback Arthur, I will do my best to incorporate some of your ideas into the next version. It would be kind of difficult to make the genres checkboxes, but I'll look into it when I get a chance. To just change the colors, you could pretty easily just hack open the widget and change the stylesheet. Anyways I really appreciate your honest feedback...
When you update please include the Swedish itms store.
This is a great widget but with a major flaw: clicked links don't work at all. This is caused by the variable partnerURL in the javascript file itms.js at line 122. By removing this variable from the string on this line the links are working for me. It would be nice if the next release will have a fix for that. "Would there be a faster way to display the track data on rollover than to use the INFO labels?" - This could be improved by placing an input field (styled to match the background) at the bottom of the widget. With a little use of javascript this could work fine.
Hi Patrick, Those are great suggestions. Look for them in the next release. When I was working on the widget I had planned to have the album info show up in a hovering div, but that didn't seam to work inside the widget (worked from safari however).
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