Lawn Chairs and Programmers

May 25, 2005

During the dot com boom - fancy Aeron chairs, desks made of lego's, and cool titles such as spider man were all the rage for web developers with funding.

The folks at, seam to have invested their funding in some huge monitors, and plastic lawn chairs:

picture of office

I am sure many of you would have gone with something like this:

pce chair

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Yeah! Save money on chairs, and spend it on painkillers!
The advice of Kent Beck: "Cheap Desk, Nice Chair" ... "Get a really nice chair, skimping on the rest of the furniture if necessary."
Get laptops and work from the beach - why do coders need to be in an office anyway? See the lawn chairs made me think of outside. That's something you dont want your developers thinking about :-o and look at that - I spy a Mac Mini :)
I agree Keith, I would take Ken Beck's advice even further by saying Cheap Desk, Nice Chair - Cheap Computer, Nice Monitor.
Now, if that souped up chair had an integrated exercise bike I might get one... :-)
when you say "I am sure many of you would have gone with something like this" are you referring to the chair or the girl? just wanted to know...
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