Fonts for Programmers

May 12, 2005

Courier New is the standard monospace fixed width font used by programmers. If your looking to try something new, I just found a list of fonts for programmers. Right now I'm trying out Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. Here's an example:


If your using Eclipse, you can change the default font by going to Window - Preferences - General - Colors and Fonts then under Basic select Text Font, and hit the Change button.

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I've always liked this one...
I like the font Andale Mono a lot! It is perfect for me!
I prefer Andale Mono at 10pt on 1600x1200. ( I just wish that Dreamweaver would respect the font width with bold type. That one just baffles me. yes, proggy clean with zero slashed, totally um rawks
That's crazy, I noticed the bitstream font set and A just set it in my windows appearance settings and wednesday. It looks so much nicer with the antialiasing and all
Great link... very helpful. Can't wait to try 'em out.

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