Macromedia Flex Hosting?

April 20, 2005

I was wondering why there aren't any hosting providers that offer Macromedia Flex hosting (or should I say Adobe Flex hosting). It turns out that it is against the Flex EULA:

The Macromedia Flex End User License Agreement (EULA) does not currently allow organizations to host licenses on behalf of a third party. Via the Flex FAQ.

Shared Flex hosting accounts would be a great way to get small shops into Flex. Are hosting companies not interested? Is Macromedia being too greedy with Flex?

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Macromedia's site is inconsistent on this issue. Yes, there's the EULA, but see also:
I heard they were working on it a couple of months ago, but I think they are having so much success with Flex that there isn't a need to make it accessible to such smaller companies & hosting providers yet. Everyone bitched about Flashcom being so expensive, but I pay $10 a month, and Google Ads pays for that 10 times over. would rock, though. I can't charge for work via my NCL license.
And you can forget about *anything* happening with Flex hosting until *after* the merger is completed. Ugh!
Well, Firstserv ( here in the UK are doing Flex on dedicated servers (managed or unmanaged). Nothing on shared servers (that I can see) unfortunately.
Boy, that's strange. I'd love to know what MM's reasoning is for that policy.
Regarding the EULA, I've been wondering if a fractionally owned (all the rage with executive jets these days) Flex server would be allowed - say six developers become directors of a company that owns the server and they deploy their apps on it. Another thing to consider is finance - we advertised finance for Flex and other Macromedia software at MXDU - established companies can purchase Flex licenses with repayments less than typical monthly co-located hosting rates. It hasn't been as popular as we thought - for some reason the idea of financing software purchases seems funny to some, but it's pretty normal for other small businesses (e.g. a plumber buying a new van) and if your apps are half decent you're going to make more money with Flex than your average plumbing van :-).
I'm very interested in finding partners for ecommerce Flex hosting & development. Where there's a will...there's a way!
I could not find a hosting client either so I set up a flex hosting service, email me if you need it jbranson(at)
Flex hosting is sorely needed. We just cannot expect the client to purchase our web application for th 15,000 licensing fee
I'd like to assume that this is an issue only with 1.5. For most apps, obviously, you're not going to need the Enterprise Services for version 2, so you can just plop the resulting .swf file on the web server and be done with it. That can't possibly violate the EULA, and the IDE is going to be priced at under a thousand dollars.
Ive started a site to track this issue for flex 2.0. I plan to keep a list of hosting providers and post information about flex 2.0 hosting options. The website address is:
At first i was excited by flex, It seemd to be a cross browser solution for what i am currently using VML and SVG for. But with a server required and no affordable hosting solutions this is a joke. As a designer im not going to pay to use a technology like flash, i paid for the application and applications which funded this application and this application does less then i can acomplish with good ol server side script and client side graphic technologies like VML and SVG. Honestly if it wasnt for the growing fire fox market i would abandon adobe tech completly, this reeks of generator and the terrible problems/cost that resulted from its use. This is the nail in the coffin for me with flash, good bye!
Exactly how many times do we have to say that A SERVER IS NO LONGER REQUIRED? You don't even have to buy the IDE that'll cost under a grand. Code without it and compile it yourself. Read, get informed, and then make an informed decision. Yeesh. Is this what you are looking for ?? are a bit on the expensive side. I also tried their hosting out last week. Not bad at all, but their support is a bit scratchy - good one minute, bad the next 24 hours! That was enough for me to drop them. I have now decided to go with I have checked them out quite thoroughly the past few days. They have all-round better options, and the cost is about 33% less. Their pre-sales support to-date has been quite good too. One thing to be aware of though. If you want Flex hosting for FDS (Flex Data Services) data-push. It is not available with either Fast Hit or CrystalTech. It seems you need a dedicated server for that. By the way, as a bonus, CrystalTech run their shared hosting with Flex on ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 Enterprise. Flex is also available on all their ColdFusion plans including the USD $16 something one - not that they mention it. As a tip for anyone selling Flex hosting. They should mention the words; Flex and 7.2 and 7.0.2 and if running CF Enterprise, definitely the word 'Enterprise' too. We might all be able to find them then and they will get a lot more clients. It seems that Fast Hit are the only ones that totally realise this.

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