SSL for International Domain Names

April 12, 2005

I didn't know that you couldn't buy SSL certs for international domain names (naive americans). I have only ever bought them for .com names. However, Thawte just sent me an email, saying that you now can buy SSL certs for IDN names:

Internationalized Domain Names, or IDNs, are web addresses in your own language which until recently were not supported by browsers and email clients.
thawte is the first Certification Authority to provide SSL certificates capable of securing Internationalized Domain Names. This capability extends across our full range of SSL certificate including SSL123 Certificates, SSL Web Server Certificates and SGC SuperCerts.

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you mean like - i guess thats an international domain name, i first bought an SSL for a domain back in 2001
"International" and "Internationalised" Domain Names are two very different things. International is things like and SSL has been available to these all along. Internationalised is domain names that have non-ASCII characters in them and can include the .com space. Internationalised is what what's now eligible for SSL. i see! duh!

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