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April 07, 2005

If you want to save yourself some typing, note that cf_sql_varchar is the default value for the cfsqltype attribute in the cfqueryparam tag.

So you can omit the cfsqltype attribute, if your type is cf_sql_varchar at the expense of some readability.

I probably would not mention this if cfqueryparam was not so verbose. Why not type="varchar" what's with all the cfsql/cf_sql_?

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Ah, great tip. You're right, cfqueryparam is horribly verbose, if nothing else this may improve readability...
That's what code snippets are for, and when you bind them to a keyboard shortcut (as most editors aside from DWMX let you do), it becomes even less typing. For example, I've got a CFQP for integer, timestamp, and varchar mapped to different keys, so I can insert them with a single (compound) keystroke.

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did you hack my cf?