6 Tags for ColdFusion beginners

April 05, 2005

The ColdFusion Developers Journal has an article called: CF Six Pack by Greg Cerveny which lists 6 tags new developers should be using.

I pretty much agree with all the tags on the list, except for cfsetting, I think if your a newbie, just enable whitespace suppression in the CF admin.

Here's the list:

  1. cfparam
  2. cfqueryparam
  3. cfsetting
  4. cfsavecontent
  5. cfsilent
  6. cfdump

I would have put cfdump much higher on the list as well. But it is a good article for beginners if they are not keen on those tags.

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I think maybe CFQuery and CFOutput should be on the list. CFQueryparam isn't going to do much good if you don't know cfquery. And without cfoutput, well, stuff would just suck.
I think the point of the list was for tags that beginners might not know. I guess it was assumed that cfquery, and cfoutput were in use. You can't really do much w/o using cfoutput.
cfsetting is useful, but for beginners not that important.
I didn't think I was a 'beginner' (I've been a CF coder for over a year now), but I am only familiar with 4 of those tags, even though I do use CFCs, session management, and some other 'advanced' practices. Just goes to show I still have a lot to learn.
Yeah, I meant the article to be about 5 tags for beginners, and wrote about 6 so that I could pick the best 5. The cfsetting would have been the one I would have cut out. Thanks for the feedback!

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